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[LA] Win a pair of tickets to see Joanna Newsom + more @ ArthurBall, Feb 25+26

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Feb. 13th, 2006 | 11:53 am
music: kxlu 88.9 webcast
posted by: club_spaceland in ondowntheroad

Saturday, February 25
Joanna Newsom acclaimed singer-songwriter-harpist

Brightblack Morning Light late-night rural Rhodes organ hush vibers and ArthurFest alumni

Unknown Instructors (featuring Joe Baiza & Jack Brewer of Saccharine Trust, George Hurley & Mike Watt of Minutemen, and Dan McGuire) art-rock-spiel throwdown, first-ever performance anywhere

Om thundering mantra/drone metal from Bay Area bass-drums-vocal duo (co-founders of legendary bong-in-handers Sleep)

Pearls & Brass astonishing Nazareth, PA post-Cream blues rawk riffers who are putting the proverbial power back in power trio

Colleen spellbinding Parisian acoustic-electronic composer makes her L.A. debut (and exclusive American appearance)

Entrance preternaturally gifted whiteskinned sundown blues singer-guitarist on Fat Possum Records

Mi & L'au forest-dwelling coed acoustic duo from Europe, first-ever LA show

Starter Set Dancers (feat. leg and pants dans theeatre) experimental art-dance performance ensemble with debut DVD just out

Winter Flowers Echo Park's own hilltop troubadours of Incredible String Band-style folkways

Society of Rockets psych-dappled country rock from San Francisco bros

plus world premiere of three new full-length documentary films from Sublime Frequencies:
Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan (directed by Robert Millis)
Sumatran Folk Cinema (directed by Mark Gerghis and Alan Bishop)
Morocco: Musical Brotherhoods from the Trans-Saharan Highway (directed by Hisham Mayet)

Read film descriptions.

All filmmakers will be in attendance.

White Rainbow will run an all-day 'Full-Spectrum Vibrational Healing Center' environment...

Sunday, February 26
The 5:15ers first-ever appearance by new collaboration between longtime compatriots Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Desert Sessions, Kyuss) & Chris Goss (Masters of Reality, Goon Moon)

Born Heller Josephine Foster--one of our nation's most captivating young folksinger-songsters--performs her darker material

Lavender Diamond Becky Stark and her cynicism-melting peace-love actionist band in a special performance

Growing mindchatter-silencing nature drone duo, and ArthurFest favorites

Moris Tepper legendary Capt. Beefheart & the Magic Band alumnus guitar genius, with band

Tarantula A.D. thrilling, high romantic King Crimson-style art-rock newcomers

Citay L.A. debut from fresh S.F. cats working in the hallowed tradition of Sabbath and Zeppelin's weed-tinged acoustic/electric countryside tabla songs

Plastic Crimewave Sound super-charged psychedelic/out fringe rock from lauded Chicago ensemble

Town & Country experimental contemplative instrumental quiet time soundtracks from Chicago

Indian Jewelry Los Angeles' most reverbed band

Afrobeat Down Fela Kuti covers and original band jams from this spiritually committed L.A. massive

Author Erik Davis will do a multimedia presentation/lecture on "Visionary Media," accompanied with visuals by Biomorphica and sound manipulations by Nalepa

A screening of Keepintime and an exclusive preview of Brasilintime. Read film descriptions. Director B+ will be in attendance.

Comics author and practicing visionary Grant Morrison will do a talk and a moderated Q & A

The Arthur braintrust will screen a selection of extremely rare mindblowing films.

Lewis MacAdams, Kristine McKenna, Trinie Dalton, Byron Coley, The Mars Society and many more poets, thinkers, artists, jokers, yappers and typers TBA.

Buy tickets


ArthurBall on MySpace
Arthur Magazine

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